I originally read about these cycles in a newage book of channelling sessions titled, "Messages From Michael". It was a simple description, but enough for me to start my personal investigation. That was in 1991, and I've been using it ever since. There is no scientific evidence about this system that I could discover, but I'm positive that with a little perseverance you'll find it a reality.     Michael Teachings.

Men's Cycles
by Timothy A. Wilkerson
© 4-8-2012

Men have 3 cycles, each is exactly 18 days long:
Aggressive, Intellectual, and Introspective.
What order the cycles go in is unique to each man.

Introspective Cycle can be quite an emotional experience, or a very withdrawn moody period, where we men just want to be left alone. This is when we seem to be ignoring everyone, or we act a little annoyed when someone tries to pull us out of our mood. We are going inwards during this period, and we are perhaps reflecting on the past. We're doing our important internal house-keeping, so to speak. On the other hand, this cycle may also be a time of more romantic feelings centered around gentler affections. Over all, introspective is not a great time for making decisions, or getting projects done. It can be a very good time for contemplating problems though, mostly because we have access to deeper feelings. I just like to stay home, eat chocolate and watch TV, and sometimes I just want to play my guitar for long periods of time. This is when the proverbial husband sit's at the breakfast table and pretends to be buried in the newspaper. If he has a high pressure career he might even call in sick to work one day just because he needs a break. If this time of introspection is honored, and we're able to do our inner work, the next two cycles go much better.

Intellectual Cycle can be highlighted by the desire to get a bunch of reading done, or other informative endeavors like watching documentaries or sports games with lots of stats. Doing research for a project, writing, or studying for a test, is also easier during this time. If I have an electively scheduled exam to take, I look to planning it during this time. We might also seem to be talking more than usual too. Life partners and lovers, don't get your hopes up to high, it only lasts 18 days, then there's a 36 day break until the wave of conversation returns. You may want to get all your 'talking about stuff' done when intellectual cycle happens. This cycle can especially manifest into one of those occasions when a female friend feels overwhelmed by all your good solutions to her complaints or problems.

Aggressive Cycle is a highly persistent period that usually involves a more kinetic and exuberant behavior pattern. It can't be eased with anything less than going out, and doing something physical. It's a great time for building stuff, repairs, lawn work, finishing that paint job, cleaning the garage, etc. For those of us who fish, or hunt, this is the perfect time to go. This cycle is also when we feel the most sexual, so thinking and speaking clearly is sometimes more difficult, but there's never a delay to taking action. Some men frequently express annoyances, or even get angry, more often during this time than what is usual for their general temperament - albeit with few actual words. In aggressive we're generally not very gentle with the words we do manage to use, but it's not necessarily because we're angry, we're just more direct, and maybe a little less thoughtful. Life partners and lovers, this could be a good time to go out dancing or some similar activity of a physical nature. Or, if he's angry a lot, hand him his fishing pole and tell him to have a good time. Overall, this is when we get the most done with the least effort. I often plan during intellectual cycle, and wait for aggressive cycle to "get 'er done", this way it's much more productive and saves me a lot of time.

So, how can you get a handle on your cycles, or your male partners cycles? Early in aggressive cycle men have a slight musk that is excreted, as little beads of oily sweat, on the backs of our necks. It's been described as smelling somewhat like freshly cut grass. Put the date on your calendar, and mark the end of the cycle 18 days later. From these observations the other two cycles are easy to discover. Remember, in intellectual we may read more, or talk more than usual, and draw up plans for projects, and in introspective we mostly want to be left alone, and are generally a little bit more emotional than usual. Which ever cycle follows aggressive, mark it in your calendar and measure 18 more days. Then add the remaining cycle. This will be the order of your cycles, just continue on with the calendar marking every 18 day period.

When you can integrate this knowledge with your female friends cycles you'll have an idea of how to get along with them better. Some say women have two cycles of 15 days each: Inspirational, which is usually during ovulation, and Emotional, usually during menses.

Example: Women in emotional cycle may be more irritated by a man in aggressive cycle because he sounds insensitive when he speaks. Inversely a man in introspective, may become irritated by a woman in inspirational cycle, because she wants to bring him out of his shell. A man in aggressive cycle may be extremely attractive to a woman in inspirational cycle, and very irritating to a women in emotional cycle. When men are in introspective cycle and women are in emotional cycle, this is a good time to give each other lots of room. It's good to plot it out and prepare for it. If you both understand the cycles, then you'll be cooperative in the way you interrelate. When you compare men's and women's cycles, you'll find a pattern that repeats about four times a year. If you plan accordingly it can really smooth out a relationship, or at least you'll better understand what's going on with yours.

Man to man, and woman to woman, relationships can also benefit from this knowledge. A man in aggressive might not understand why his buddy in introspective doesn't want to go hunting this weekend. A man in intellectual may not get why his friend in aggressive is getting so worked up about something he can't do anything about. Two women in emotional cycle should be really close friends if they want to hang out together during this time. Or, two single women in a competitive type of relationship with each other may not want to go out to the club when they're both in inspirational. Same gender lovers can find this information about cycles very helpful as well, but it will probably be less complicated.

Attention astrologers, and astrology buffs:
I have discovered that, just as women's cycles seem to coordinate with the Moon, men's cycles appear to associate with Venus. Although Venus spends different amounts of time going through the Zodiac signs as viewed from Earth, it takes 18 days for Venus to pass through a Zodiac sign when viewed from the Sun. Comparing men's cycles to the influence of the Zodiac sign where Venus is positioned, will give you the flavor of the cycle. Let's say Venus is in Aries during Aggressive cycle, we may be hyped even more than we usually are in aggressive. Likewise, when Venus is in Cancer during introspective cycle it could make for an intensely emotional cycle. I'd imagine this is true of women's cycles and the Zodiac position of the Moon, but being a man, I'm not qualified to determine that subjectively, and I'm too wise to form an objective view point either.

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