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By author Timothy A. Wilkerson

Prepared using practical methods
researched from ancient
alchemical writings.


  • A written description in plain english
  • Siderial Chart - Individual attributes
  • Tropical Chart - Societal interrelations
  • Lab Values - sidereal and tropical
  • Aspects - with keyword meanings

Tropical & Sidereal astrology:
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Important Stars of your youth, prime,
later years, & foundational.

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Personal Transits.

Personality as a child.
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"Thank you for your reading. My husband and I find it to be both very accurate and enlightening. We have learned things about ourselves because of it. It has also been a nice reminder for either of us to tell the other that we knew things you wrote about the other all along! It solidified things we already thought, but also did and still does help us to understand things we didn't quite know how to put a name or face to in ourselves. This helped our relationship through understanding that we need not be afraid of certain aspects of one another's personalities. Also, a greater sense of acceptance and peace within ourselves, that we may more efficiently recognize our influences and rectify what we lack. Love your work.
Susan Fischer

"Thanks so much for the reading. I am very impressed. A lot of the personality traits and characteristics mentioned are things that I have noticed are just beginning to manifest in my life as I get older. Very spot on. I really liked the sidereal vs tropical readings, and the influence of individual stars. That is information I don't think I could find anywhere else. Thanks, again!"
Tracy Cranick

"Thanks so much. The reading was very interesting and very accurate. Short answer, you nailed it. Especially on some really personal traits that only my closest friends seem to be aware of. I really liked the sidereal vs tropical readings. That was golden information for me. I have observed that people sometimes react to me that way but I hadn't considered that I actually appear that way to people. That is extremely useful information. All the way around you did a great job."
Benjamin Lewis

"The Alchemy Astrology birth chart by Timothy Wilkerson was truly great. Not only did the birth chart help me to learn of the importance of Astrology within the art of Alchemy, I learned a great deal about myself also. The depth and detail of the reading was incredible and Timothy was more than happy to answer any questions I had about it (and being a newcomer to Astrology, I really needed that!). I hope to go on and discover a lot more about Astrology, I am very grateful I came across the Alchemy Astrology website."
Ryan Forster

"I must say, 2 A T about me. It's a bit eerie really."
Peter S. Bilcliffe

"Thanks for the charts and the breakdown of it, I'm pretty impressed with how well my characteristics are in there, thank you so much."
Dominic Tropeano

"As I started reading through what you had written, I had to remind myself that, as stated, these are indicators that repeat in my chart. They are energies that I have to work with, whether or not they are actually manifested. Going through the influences, it didn't feel like much of a good match, until I realized all the factors, that you were relating to, which indicate a financial/legal world of endeavor, apply just as solidly to the world I did enter for a career: computers and tech support. "Good memory, methodical, prefer cooperating to competing", all solidly fit in this choice. The negative qualities that repeated, which you pulled out, were both bang-on in my opinion. The most interesting part of the report was the comparison and evaluation between the two types of charts. All I can say is .. WOW! Bang-on. How I see things, vs how others may interpret how I see things, was really, really, interesting. And how true! The "As yourself" comparisons with "To others" actually made me smile. I know some people think some of those things about me, and it was really interesting to see that what I see in myself was accurately reflected in the "As yourself" comments. All in all, I found it quite worthwhile. Thanks."
Kat Lakey


Alchemical astrology is based on the Stars using Sidereal Astrology. A chart of this type will provide information about yourself as an individual. It is of the utmost importance in alchemy, and all aspects of life, to "know thy self". By being in touch with your foundational abilities and natural talents you will discover the knowledge, and the subsequent strengths you have available, to successfully pursue your goals. Know thy self, to go through and transmute beyond the challenges that present themselves in your life. Forge a new beginning by connecting to the truths and energy apparent in the Stars.

I include an analysis written in plain English, and a list of your important Stars.

A chart can be drawn up for important special events as well. It will reveal the influences that bear on our activities, and in what way a particular date is optimal, or challenging, in regard to our endeavors.

Examples of the Charts, and the list of the Stars, are below. They are my personal charts and, as you can see, the Stars influence me in this kind of work. I think you will find similar affirmations.


These charts are examples of the difference between a Sidereal and a Tropical astrology chart for one individual.
You can see that only the Moon is in the same Zodiac sign.
For some people the Planets don't change that much,
maybe only 2 or 3 change, and rarely none of them change at all.

sidereal chart example tropical chart example

Timothy - Sidereal Birth / Natal Chart:
The Zodiac aligned to the 12 constellations.

This type of chart shows planet positions as
they influence us as individuals regarding
personal talents, strengths, and attributes.

Timothy - Tropical Birth / Natal Chart:
The Zodiac aligned to Earth's seasons.

This type of chart shows planet positions as
they influence how we interrelate with society
and how other people view us in general.

Sidereal vs Tropical:

Sidereal means that the Zodiac is basically aligned to the actual Star constellations. This indicates a persons natural talents, strengths, and attributes, as an individual.

Tropical means the Zodiac is aligned to Earth's seasons, not the actual Stars. This type of chart denotes how we interrelate with our friends, and with society, and how other people view us in general. Tropical charts are used by most astrologers in the U.S.A.

Not everyone's Sun sign changes between these two types of chart, but you can see that mine does. Sidereally, as an individual, I'm a Libra. Tropically, socially speaking, I'm a Scorpio.

Some of the Planets can change to a different Zodiac sign when these two types of chart are compared even if the Sun sign doesn't change.

I found that my Sidereal chart reading filled-in the little inconsistencies I had always found in the Tropical readings I've had in the past.

If you would like to learn more about the influences you were born under, and possibly more about yourself, please consider purchasing my alchemy astrology services. It will last you a life time. (See order box above.)

Example of Fixed Star information:

The following is an example of what the Fixed Stars have to tell us about ourselves. This type of information is included in my services.

Note: I chart the Star positions by hand using Bernadette Brady's book, Star and Planet Combinations. As such, I cannot provide as complete of a list as this one, which is generated by Starlight Software 2.1. However, I can still provide you with a very good list of the Stars that influence your life. You can learn the basics of how to do this type of reading from my handbook, where you can also find your Stars if you live between 40 and 50 degrees north latitude. For other parts of the world, and for more in-depth information, I suggest you buy Ms. Brady's book(s), and sign up for her newsletter: sign up here. For a limited time Starlight Software is offering a FREE Star list like the one below: click here.

Tim's Stars of influence at birth

Wanting to use ones talents for the greatest possible good.

Always reaching for greater levels of self expression or freedom.

Stars on a Pivot Point

Strength in one's dignity, assuming respect from others.

Stars of Your Foundation

The cartographer; one who maps, records or collects people, events, or things.

Seeking respect by endeavouring to build reliable structures and ideas.

The one who records and notates.

Al Rescha
A person who unites or polarizes.

Deneb Adige
To be seen as a pioneer.

Success through putting forward new ideas.

An individual who is an active problem-solver.

The therapeutic use of humour, a love of reading or writing.

Physically talented, vital and alive.

Stars of Your Youth

Understanding connections between different ideas or groups of people.

The writer, the researcher, the business entrepreneur.

Deneb Adige
A noble warrior, a person who acts from their principles.

A military mind, a brave and independent thinker.

A minority leader, or a person who grows in pessimism.

One who can adapt to changing situations.

Not restrained by social opinions on ethics, relationship, or religious issues.

Stars of Your Prime

To be persistent in your aims, to be unswerving in your goals.

The historian or priest, a person who is more interested in people than money.

El Nath
Breaking new ground artistically, or as a humanitarian.

A persistent and determined approach to life.

Concerned with the health of others, physical, emotional or spiritual.

Stars of Your Latter Years

A hard life, but the lessons learned lead to success.

The critic, the commentator on social ills.

Bernadette Brady, M.A. - is a professional consulting and teaching astrologer who lives in Bristol, UK. In her capacity as an astrologer she lectures, teaches, designs software and writes. She is renowned for her innovated work in visual astrology, the role of fixed stars in western astrology, and for her work in predictive astrology.
Her latest work is in mapping chaos theory to astrology.