Alchemy Astrology Blog - Updates on today's highlights in astrology, by Timothy A. Wilkerson.

Alchemy Astrology lecture - at the 2008 International Alchemy conference in Las Vegas, by Timothy A. Wilkerson.

FaceBook - Alchemy Astrology group, moderated by Timothy A. Wilkerson.

What Is Alchemy - by Steve Kalec, a contemporary alchemist. (pdf)

ALCHEMY ASTROLOGY - Blank Charts and References

Super Chart - with keywords, and an extra outter ring for the Stars, pdf.

Simple Chart - just a blank astrology wheel, pdf.

Geocentric Ephemeris - 1900-2100, at - 1600-2100, look-up specific dates and locations (latitude & longitude).

Latitude / Longitude - anywhere in the world.

ASTROLOGY - Resources

Combine information obtained via these resource links with your daily Astrology Chart to decide the best Laboratory start-time.

Star and Planet Combinations - Star information book, by Bernadette Brady.

Sidereal Ephemeris - 2009-July 31, 2012, at Light on Vedic Astrology.

Astrology Basics - good reference for Alchemy principals in charted form - Tropical Astrology.

Calendar-1 - Best times to catch fish based on the Sun and Moon.
(This is good information for deciding specific laboratory start-times.)

Calendar-2 - Best times to catch fish, & hunt, based on the Sun and Moon.
(Includes: Moon phase, rise, transit, set, and underfoot. Sun rise, transit, set.)

ASTROLOGY - Software

Kairon - Astrology Software for Macintosh.

ZET - Astrology Software for Windows & Macintosh.

ASTRONOMY - Resources

Solar System - Interactive 3D model - Planets & Night Sky.

Space Weather - Current conditions: Geomagnetic Storms, Solar Radiation Storms, and Radio Blackouts.

Images - Current Solar conditions. SOHO - Solar and Heliospheric Observatory.

Animation - Current 3D animation of realtime Solar images.

ASTRONOMY - Calculators

Moon Phases - Look up the phases for the year.

Moon Phases - Look up the phase for past dates.

Moon Phases & Distance - New Moon, Full Moon, Apogee, Perigee.

Moon Altitude / Azimuth - For any date.

Time Zone Converter

Sun Spot Activity - graphs for any date.

Planetary orbits - and specific data.

U.S. Naval Oceanography Portal - Complete Sun and Moon data for one day.

ASTRONOMY - Articles

Evidence of Formerly Unknown Influences.

The Electric Universe Theory - a quick one page explaination, article with graphics.

Torsion Theory - The Key to the Theory of Everything.

New Discovery - Elusive Matter found to be abundant far above Earth.

Dwarf Galaxies - Help to Unlock Secrets of Dark Matter.

Strange Gamma-Ray Objects - in Deep Space Perplex Scientists.

Sun - Strongest Solar Flare of 2013. It's effect was felt immediately on Earth instantly traveling 93 million miles.

New Discovery - "Alien" Particles Found Invading Our Solar System - A First.

Gravity - An introduction to Gravity, and Einstein's General Theory of Relativity: contains graphic examples.

Gravity - Gravity, for those who want to know more: contains graphic examples. Author: Matt_McIrvin

Fish & Cosmic Influences - Astronomical phases of the Sun and Moon influence the feeding cycles of fish.

ASTRONOMY - Video / Audio

The Electric Universe - a four part series of the electric universe theory, as yet unaccepted by main stream science.

Galactic Alignment - Amateur video, visual astronomical explanation of the Galactic Alignment, on December 21, 2012.

Sounds from Jupiter - Hear intriguing radio waves that NASA's Cassini spacecraft collected near Jupiter, in January 2001.

LiveWatch - Watch live astronomy cams and resources. Recommended by Brooke and her Senior Girl Scouts for their "Sky" naturalist badge requirement.

ALCHEMY - Resources - helps to weave Alchemy back into our Social Fabric to Inspire Individual and Sociological Transformation.

What Is Alchemy - This is a great, concise, explanation of Alchemy, by Steve Kalec, a contemporary living alchemist.

Pinterest - Images and photos of alchemy astrology , experiments, equipment, laboratories, alchemists, and publications.

Dennis W. Hauck - The Alchemy of Consciousness. He is a popular lecturer, respected consultant, and author of several book relating to alchemy.

Real Alchemy - Classes in practical lab Alchemy and spagyrics, by Robert Bartlett, continuing in the tradition of Frater Albertus and Paracelsus College.

Grand Arcanum - A dedicated network of Alchemists and other Arcanists. Includes resources for beginners.

Glassware for Alchemy - Distillation Equipment.

Lab Astrology Form - pdf, from my handbook.

Reference - The stages of the Alchemical process. Author: Johnes Ruta.

Weather in Chicago - Current data from Ryerson Observatory, Chicago, as reference in the laboratory for: barometric pressure, ambient temperature, solar radiation, air density, etc.

ALCHEMY - Articles

The 7 Steps in Alchemical Transformation - by Joseph D. Dismore.

Gold Bug - Sheds Light on How Some Gold Deposits Formed.

Franz Tausend - Transmutations of Lead and Mercury to Gold (Alchemy).

Golden Moments - the astrology of historical gold making dates. Author: Nick Kollerstrom


Earthquake Stats - USGS - United States Geological Survey.

Volcano Stats - HEWS - Humanitarian Early Warning Service.


Moon Triggers Earthquakes - UC Berkeley News website: "Sun and moon trigger deep tremors on San Andreas Fault".

Earthquake Prediction - Earthquake Warning From Russian Institute of Physics of the Earth.

Volcanoes - a list showing the increase in volcanic activity since 1922. This relates to the past galatic alignment of 1998.


Midwest Herb Fest

Laughing Lady Bug Botanicals

Laughing Lady Bug Botanicals - featuring alchemical spagyric herbal preparations. Astrologically prepared.

International Alchemy Guild - member lodge.

Denver Chapter Alchemy Guild - De Lion Rouge

Denver Chapter of the International Alchemy Guild North America.

Denver Chapter Alchemy Guild - De Lion Rouge

FaceBook - Denver Chapter of the International Alchemy Guild North America.

Midwest Chapter of the International Alchemy Guild North America.

CRUCIBLE CATALOG - Alchemy, Hermetic Sciences, Spiritual Products, & Esoteric Arts

ASTROLOGY - Personal

Astrology Learning Center

Alan's Astro-Aspects - Daily videos of the most influential aspects influencing personal feelings and our interactions with community.

The Monthly Aspectarian - Astro-weather forecasts and alternative type spiritual articles and information.