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This is a weekend event created by two of the original founders of the Midwest Herb Fest.

A letter from Timothy:

Thanks for visiting the website. Here's an overview of what we have going.

The school originated from the Midwest Herb Fest, which is an annual educational camping event, now sponsored by Herbal Education Inc., offering workshops and lectures in nature. I traditionally presented a laboratory demonstration of the alchemical process for making herbal spagyric preparations between 2006 and 2019.

In the past, as an off-shoot of this festival, we had offered the annual Midwest Herb "School" weekend camping intensive at the same location as the festival. It was for those who wanted to learn more about how to make Spagyrics from a hands-on class experience, after seeing the demos at the herb fest.

For four years, we reached far and wide and found everyone we could, who wanted to attend the school. We encouraged students to camp but it was perfectly alright to stay in town too. Although the land there was beautiful, ultmately, it proved to be too difficult of a location for most people to reach. We realized that would always be the case unless we were closer to a big city.

The exiting news is that we successfully took the Midwest Herb 'School' on the road in 2018 to teach at a private residence, and we're planning to present at herbal schools, and other learning institutions. Our retired school bus 'Rhonda' is being reconditioned to better serve that purpose. Of course, because of the current pandemic this has been put on hold. We're hoping that by 2024 the situation will be under control, the bus will be ready, and we'll once again feel safe to travel.

So, please check back, for new developments with the Midwest Herb School.

Peace, love, time and space abundant,

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