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alchemy astrology workshop

Tim teaching his Alchemy Astrology Workshop at the Our Haven Nature Sanctuary pavillion where classes will be held for this event.

cricket plant id hike

Cricket teaching - plant identification hike at North Park Village Nature Center, Chicago.


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Our Haven Nature Sanctuary

Near French Lick, Indiana, U.S.A.

cricket plant id hike

Cricket exploring.

Laughing Lady Bug Botanicals

Sponsored in part by,
  Laughing Lady Bug Botanicals  

HOME ..... Midwest Herb School

INSTRUCTORS ..... Tim Wilkerson, Cricket Owens

COURSES ..... six courses, four meditations

PHOTOS PAST ..... 1st annual 2013, 2nd annual 2014

REGISTRATION ..... via paypal

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Midwest Herb Fest ..... annual event in August

Alchemy Astrology ..... for practical laboratory use

alchemy astrology workshop

Tim explaining how the frequency of the solar system creates the 12 segments of the Zodiac. The constellations only flavor each 30 degree portion of the pie, they don't define their width.