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One of the camping events.

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Our camp site.



Required items:
camping gear, or a camper *
a water bottle
close toed shoes
scarf or hat
work gloves
long pants - durable
colored pencils: red, yellow, blue, black, + ok
blank paper: 8.5 x 11 or more, artist paper ok
lead pencils
ruler / straight edge

Suggested items:
rain gear or umbrella
rubber boots or waterproof hiking boots
tick and mosquito spray
compass for drawing circles
a protractor
pencil sharpener


No audio or video recordings of the classes will be allowed. Photographs may be taken for personal use. If there are other people in the frame you must ask their permission.

Harvesting of plants, flowers, fruits, nuts, or berries, is by permission only.

Do NOT bring firewood, as it may contain unwelcome pests that could be harmful to the ecology. Firewood is available for purchase.

It is forbidden to harm, remove, or purposefully disturb, the wildlife.

Laughing Lady Bug Botanicals

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