Introduction - from the book.

If you find an interest in esoteric subjects, whether it's sudden, for as long as you can remember, or perhaps you feel such an interest subtly lumbering towards you, this book may be helpful.

It presents simple ideas and tools that can be used to clarify a practical path for yourself as you explore the idea of enlightenment. These methods of understanding can be of great benefit to generally realize how awakening to your own enlightenment works. At the very least, this information can give you a reference point when there's no one around to help explain enlightenment in regards to your specific situation.

You actually don't have to join another religion, or learn any complicated system in order to begin to understand your own awakening. I've heard that once, a person sneezed so hard it shook them awake and they became enlightened. They weren't even thinking about participating in religion or doing meditations. That's the way enlightenment comes: out of no where, from no where. Enlightenment is unpredictable. However, we can seem to make ourselves more prone, not only to awakening to enlightenment but, to surviving it well. With a little foreknowledge and a small dose of consistent practice, evolution to enlightenment is easier than you think.

Timothy A. Wilkerson

Timothy A. Wilkerson -
teacher, public speaker, author

In his new ebook, he brings his secret to the surface after 36 years of integrating awakening to everyday life in North America virtually undetected, until now. He's being urged to go public, and this website is part of that endeavor.

"My life has just been marvelous post-awakening. Before I really knew what happened, I used to call it 'the light' and say, since the light came things changed. Anyway, it's time to share my information because it might be helpful for others to find their version of the experience. It's one I think we're all headed for eventually. Easy meditative techniques that can bring a new wonder filled awareness are the keys to helping the process along. It can be a scary challenge but afterwards I think everyone wonders why it seemed so hard for it to find us."

Non-dogmatic, no religious associations.

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