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Timothy A. Wilkerson

Awakening to Enlightenment
by, Timothy A. Wilkerson
© 3.14.2019

   Timothy A. Wilkerson was born in the fifties and raised in the Midwestern U.S.A. He began learning Hatha Yoga and meditation as a child, from his mother who studied it at a local community college. This interest continued until he was twenty-six, when he reached the point of no return and realized enlightenment. Over the last three-and-a-half decades, he has learned to expand his talents and live in society as ordinarily as possible - and have a great time doing it.
    Recently, he's been called upon to share his experiences from the point of view of someone who awakened to enlightenment. His non-religious, straight forward approach to discovering one's reality is written in the hopes that it might help others who are searching, as he once was. He doesn't have any interest in being a guru, or religious leader, he simply likes to share with those who are questioning and searching for the truth.

no religious associations.

Table of Contents


Ordinary Enlightenment In A Modern Context
The best description is only a hint, but here's mine
Glimpses of enlightenment
What's not enlightenment
Why enlightenment is a good thing
What we can do to help the process
What stands in the way of enlightenment
Bumps on the path

The Survival Mechanism
What would happen without an idea of self

Inborn Personality Is Key To Liberation
How personality compares to a false sense of self

Learning About Our True Selves
Three basics for discovering true personality

Finding Your Own Way
Meditation: an age-old game plan

Meditation Techniques I Found Helpful
The Theater
The Vessel of Water
The Sound Within
Be Headless
Un-numb Your Butt
Know the World is Illusive

Where to find other meditation techniques
Asking for guidance

The Same You, With A New Beginning
Prior religious associations after enlightenment

My Story Of Enlightenment

Post-Awakening Advice
Telling others your story
How to assure your family you're ok
I want to teach everyone what I've found
Over-inspired by compassion
When people act unfriendly for no reason
Seven common stages post-enlightenment

Concepts That Helped Me
The 5 Bs
Without friendship humans wouldn't have survived
Stuff I noticed about friends

Common Questions With Answers


Thank You

Knowing Thyself
Diet and general vitality
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About The Author

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