Why did I write this book, Awakening to Enlightenment?

Despite people asking me to write it, for years, I couldn't figure out why I would want to do that. Why would a book about enlightenment from me be useful? I know I've lived this way longer than most teachers on the subject, but why would I have anything more to say?

Then, I heard a story from a teenager who told me how she was taken to a psychiatrist after her enlightenment experience. She didn't know what had happened to her and her parents thought she must be on drugs. They put her in a place that could help her get her mind back in order, and gave her medicines that numbed her out. It wasn't optimal for her, to say the least.

It was then that I knew 'why' I needed to write this book. I believe our young people want to find real happiness. This is especially the case in a society which appears to be in total chaos.

You see, enlightenment is easier than we've been told and it can happen to everyone, even ordinary folks like me. I was looking for it, but that's not a requirement, it can come out of the blue, to anyone. But, few people know how to recognize it, much less what to do after it happens. People, who seem to know what it entails, want to talk about ego, no-mind, and spirituality, and use foreign words to describe it. I know none of that is necessary, and for the most part it's just nonsense. So, I wrote the book without using those terms, and I put it in words that anyone can relate to no matter what age they are - assuming they can understand English.

We don't need gurus, those times are over. We don't need sales pitches, endless choices of merchandise, or retreats. We definitely don't have to travel to some far away land. We just need to have an idea of what enlightenment is, why it's beneficial for us, and how to formulate our own path. It simply has to be explained in a way that anyone can understand. I believe our young people, and many others, are desperately looking for answers that will help them truly discover what this world is all about for them. This is why I wrote the book.

Timothy A. Wilkerson

Timothy A. Wilkerson -
teacher, public speaker, author,
and finder in July, 1983

Home based in the midwest U.S.A. he speaks on
enlightenment and teaches the various ancient
meditations that worked for him.

Meditations with no religious or specific devotional associations.

Timothy has practiced meditation since 1970. In 1983 without ever having met or knowingly been in the presence of an enlightened person, and with no personal help from a spiritual teacher, he awakened. He shares his experience and facilitates interactive talks on how he found and developed the unique process that worked for him. With that idea in mind he hopes to inspire others to look for their particular path. Also known as, enlightenment, or scientifically as a Persistent Non Symbolic Experience (PNSE), he shares his inspiring personal insights and speaks about how awakening is available to everyone who is ready to learn, change, and adapt.

He is also a, professional astrologer helping people to "Know Thyself", practicing alchemist, public speaker, and author of the handbook, Alchemy Astrology, Lost Key To The Philosopher's Stone - more information at: Alchemy Astrology.

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