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Q. What is the difference between an average herbal tincure and a essential tincture spagyrically prepared?

A. Herbal tinctures are usually made by dissolving plants in alcohol, or a vegetable oil, to extract the medicinal oils. These tinctures are easier to ingest than herbal capsules but the minerals from the body of the plant (leaf, stem, flower, root) are not included in the tinctured solution. The oils that are extracted are not purified, leaving that work to be done by your body's digestive system.

The process of creating a Spagyric herbal preparation returns the purified minerals to the solution and captures only the finest pure essential oils (usually colorless or lightly tinted). This process makes the herbs extremely digestible and easy on your body. This is especially important if your body is weakened by an illness. The final spagyric preparation also contains a much smaller percentage of alcohol than found in common herbal tinctures (approximately 10 to 15 percent).

Q. What is the theory behind spagyric herbal products?

A. Historically herbs were believed to have a spirit, a soul and a body. The spirit is captured by fermenting the plant and distilling the alcohol. The soul is the distilled essential oil of the plant. The body is derived by calcining the remaining leaves, stems, roots, and flowers. Then the purified minerals can be dissolved back into the extracted oil and alcohol. It was theorized that this process would raise the evolution of the plant. As a result it creates a powerful herbal medicine that strengthens and ripens with age.

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