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Download class Bibliography & mail order herb resources: bibliography.pdf

Annual programs:

Midwest Herb Fest - Herbal camping festival weekend in southern Indiana.

Midwest Herb School - Herbal camping weekend in southern Indiana.

Upcoming Classes
Presentations & Herb Walks
2017 - southern Indiana Area

Kitchen Herbs for Health

Saturday, April 22, 2017
Bloomington, Indiana
12:00 noon - 3:00 pm

You deserve to spend an afternoon having this much fun!

Did you know that simply by putting oregano on your pizza or black pepper on your scrambled eggs you are adding herbs to your daily life? The foods and spices that we consume can have a big impact on our overall level of health. Join us for this informative workshop as we explore the historical, traditional, and modern day medicinal uses of common kitchen herbs.

This FREE class will take place in our Community Room.
RSVP by marking that you'll be "attending" this event.

Lucky's Market - facebook
2424 S Walnut St.
Bloomington, Indiana 47401
(812) 822-1081


Our "Eat Your Weeds" nature walk was a great success! Sixteen people attended this special herb walk presented on Saturday, September 11th, 2004, at North Park Village Nature Center. Teri Owens talked about herbs (weeds to most people) that have traditionally been used as culinary and medicinal resources by native peoples. She also included some now wild plants transplanted from other parts of the country and overseas.

bone set video still

Here's a copy of the article by Nancy Maes in the Chicago, Tribune's, Wednesday "Good Eating" food section:

weed walk article

boneset video still

Traditional medicinal use of "Boneset".
Click here
for video clip (avi).


Teri Heinichen Owens, RN, BSN, MS, began her training as a critical care nurse in Chicago in 1983. She has studied herbal healing arts since 1995 and has completed her master's-equivalent degree in herbal and Chinese medicine. She has taught a variety of herb classes to all ages at area grammar schools and in the field. She is the founder of Eco Kids, a children's learning program focusing on herbal facts and lore, medicine making and Earth ecology. She is co-founder of Laughing Lady Bug Botanicals, and the originator of the annual Midwest Herb Fest.

Ask us about our "Custom Herbal Classes".
We have designed and presented programs for many different groups including:
After School Programs
Homeschool groups
Scouting organizations
Historical Societies
Birthday parties
Nature Centers
Cooking classes

Past workshop examples

The Beauty of Nature:

Learn about the historical uses of topical herbal products. Discussion of traditional methods of using herbs topically. Learn to hand craft salve blends, using herbs and essential oils.

Cooking with Herbs:

In this class we will prepare a lunch of personal pizzas (or spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread). Students will make their own custom herbal blend from spices found in the kitchen, while learning about the historical and medicinal uses of these herbs to promote wellness and healthy digestion.

Natural Beauty:

Come spend an afternoon learning about the historical uses of cosmetics. In this class we will discuss traditional cosmetic making techniques and custom blend our own beauty lotions, using herbs and essentials oils.

Stealth Health:

Cooking with healing herbs in your kitchen We will prepare a lunch of spaghetti,
salad, and garlic bread. Students will make their own custom herbal blends from
in spices found the kitchen, while learning about the historical and medicinal
uses of these herbs to promote wellness and healthy digestion.

Cold and Flu Fixers:

Herbal teas and baths to support wellness Make your own
custom herbal tea and bath blends while learning about the plants
historically used to promote wellness during the cold and flu season.

Home for the Holidays:

Zoomballs and Chai tea Make energy bars/balls and custom Chai tea
blends, choosing ingredients with historically medicinal properties that
support health and vitality during the busy holiday season.

If you have any questions about our classes please contact us at:

wilny lady bug drawing age 10

Wilny - age 10

river lady bug drawing age 13

River - age 13

river lady bug drawing age 13

River - age 13

spyder lady bug drawing age 12

Spyder - age 12

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