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KC Wilkerson

KC Wilkerson


Over the last seven years, KC Wilkerson has been performing at Pagan festivals around the country. His most recent (mostly solo) 12 song acoustic CD is titled "Facets" and was recorded live in the studio, and on stage. As always, KC honors the bardic tradition of singing songs that have a contemporary story, or message. In a departure from his multi-track, multi-musician recordings, this CD exemplifies his live solo show. "Facets" also features 2 songs written by Michael Charles from Australia - "MC Shuffle" and "Long Way To Go".

KC's previous 7 track CD is called "Tattooed Lady". "Cricket Song" was written while on the road quickly gained popularity. Together with a 5 song multi-track studio recording featuring the title track "Tattooed Lady" and "Freaky Place". "I'm High" a non-co-dependent love song, and the comical "Thick Socks" fill out this collection of songs. Add the country style bonus track "Don't Get Drunk" and you have a diverse example of KC's work.

"Run Jump Fly", released on the Sammary Studio label in 2002, features some kickin' FOLK-ROCK songs about the environment, human rights, Native Americans, modern relationships, reincarnation, entrepreneurship and Chicago. KC collaborated the instrumental arrangement on this CD with a great bunch of career musicians from Phoenix who tour and perform all around the Southwest. Originally from Kansas City, where he first began writing and performing, he's been living in Chicago for the last 23 years. The combination of influences from these three cities makes for an incredible and widely appealing sound: folk-rock with a dash of southwestern country & a smattering of the blues.

KC has also released a CD single about drunk driving called "Don't Get Drunk" (Don't Get Dumb, Don't Get Dead) that was recently released in band version with an acoustic version and a bonus track "Save Our Momma" from Run Jump Fly.

KC prefers his songs have positive messages. For example: "Save Our Momma" is about caring for the planet and was written for and performed at the twentieth anniversary of Earth Day in Chicago's Grant Park; "Good Bad Example" written about Tienanman Square, and performed while the news was still being reported, encourages us to speak up about human rights violations like Kent State; "Don't Get Drunk" talks about not 'drinking and driving' from a 'partier's point of view; and "White Fire" reminds us that now is the time for healing the past regarding our nation's relations with native Americans.

With a web presence spanning 2 decades KC's music has been heard in over 100 countries by "hundreds of thousands" of visitors to his website. He has performed at least one thousand gigs at over two hundred locations including night clubs, universities, local radio, festivals, coffee shops, taverns, restaurants, private and block parties. He has performed in Boston, Chicago, Fort Myers, Hollywood, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Louisville, Milwaukee, New York and Phoenix, and in smaller towns located in the great states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont and Wisconsin.