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This is a weekend event created by the founders of the Midwest Herb Fest, an annual educational event held at your location.

Saturday we start at 9:00 am with an active moving meditation, don't worry, we won't be sitting in a lotus position. It's very simple to do. It's recommended that you eat a light breakfast, a little portion of fruit and cereal work well for me.

Then we go on a plant identification walk where we'll choose a wild medicinal plant to harvest. After you have lunch we will begin to process our plant using ancient alchemical techniques, and modern laboratory equipment.

While the plants are processing there will be a lecture on alchemical astrology, including hands-on instruction for creating your own birth chart. (You will need to know your birth place and time, and of course your date of birth.) We will finish our day with another active meditation.

Sunday, after the meditation, while we observe our experiment, there will be a lecture on plant constituents and their uses. After lunch we will finish our experiment. The evening meditation will teach you how to intuitively find a plant that resonates with your being, using your freshly honed skills of observation. This will be done on your own, and when you return we'll look-up the plant you've chosen.

This is also a great opportunity for preppers because it will increase your chances of survival.

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